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Intellectual Property Workshop

April 5, 2017

Developing and Protecting IP Assests

Attorneys from Utah’s largest intellectual property law firm, Workman Nydegger, will be discussing the growing importance of intellectual property in business at the 2017 Entrepreneurship Week IP Conference, sponsored by the Jeffrey D Clark Center for Entrepreneurship and Partners in Business. The workshop will focus on how realistic problem-solving can help businesses obtain value from developing and protecting their IP assets.


9am | Dustin Howell, “Guarding the Crown Jewels: Strategies and Considerations for Protecting Your Inventions”

10am | Brent Lorimer, “IP Enforcement - Wielding and Defeating Big Sticks”

11am | Robyn Phillips, “Keys to Developing a Brand”

12am | Panel Discussion over Box Lunch

One Day Workshop: FREE