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USU Students

Register Early


Since this is a professional conference, student registrations are limited. Register for conferences early to ensure your spot at each event.

Bring Student ID


To facilitate tracking of student attendance, student participants are required to swipe a current student ID card at the entrance to each conference.

Dress Professionally


You will be interacting with an array of business professionals. Come dressed professoinally to make a statement and hopefully gain a connection.

Come Prepared 

prepareSome conferences will provide you with notepads and other resources, but make sure to come prepared with any material you might need.

Student Hosts                          Student Host Responsibilities 
Opportunities are available to host speakers or to volunteer during the conference. Student hosting provides an opportunity for students to build a professional relationship with speakers and conference attendees. You will be responsible for ensuring that your assigned speaker's needs are met while they are a guest on campus.
Student Clubs
Student Clubs
Clubs can benefit a great deal from getting involved with Partners in Business conferences. Activities in which your club could participate include student hosting and networking dinners with top leaders and professionals. Please contact our office if your club is interested in getting involved.



Utah's Largest HR Conference

*** Broken a:86143 PIB_Websites: Utah Crossroads Conference Date ***

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Network, Discover, Connect

*** Broken a:86144 PIB_Websites: Operational Excellence Conference Date ***

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Achieving Results

*** Broken a:86141 PIB_Websites: ACCT Conference Date ***

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Data Analytics 

data analytics

Stay Dynamic, Stay Ahead

*** Broken a:86145 PIB_Websites: Data Analytics Conference Date ***

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Developing the Future

*** Broken a:86147 PIB_Websites: Leadership Conference Date ***

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